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Media Convergence & Social Media (Unit I.4)

Media Convergence & Social Media (Unit I.4)

Guidance on Strengthening the Code of Practice on Disinformation

The Commission guidance shows how the Code of Practice on Disinformation could be strengthened to become a more effective tool for countering disinformation. The Code has provided a framework for a structured dialogue between relevant stakeholders, the first one of its kind worldwide, to ensure greater transparency and accountability of platforms’ policies on disinformation.

Pilot Project - Digital European Platform of Quality Content Providers (Second Phase)

The main objective of this Call for Tenders (2nd year) is to produce a feasibility study on the opportunities for the creation of media data space. The study should help European policy makers assess the long-term sustainability of such a platform. For this, identifying the features that it should have in order to become a relevant player in the European media ecosystem is key as well as pinpointing the major operational, financial and technological risks that the creation of the platform would face.

Coronavirus: new reports by online platforms include specific measures taken against vaccines disinformation

The European Commission has just published the fourth set of reports from the signatories of the Code of Practice on Disinformation on actions they have taken to fight false and misleading coronavirus-related information. In their latest reports, the online platforms have responded to the Commission's call to provide information specifically about the measures taken to limit the spread of disinformation on coronavirus vaccines.