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Digital Innovation & Blockchain (Unit F.3)

Digital Innovation & Blockchain (Unit F.3)

Joining Forces for Blockchain Standardisation 2021 - Event Report

On 9 December 2021 the European Commission and INATBA hosted an online webinar “Joining Forces for Blockchain Standardisation 2021” which convened standards-setting and technical specification bodies such as ISO, IEC, ITU-T, CEN CNENELEC, ETSI, IEEE as well as regional bodies like EBP/EBSI, LACChain and national authorities from countries including Japan, India, Korea, USA, Brazil.

Webinar: IPR and innovation procurement

The video recording of the webinar that was organised by the European Commission on 20 January about IPR and public procurement is now available. The webinar presents EU guidance on leaving IPR ownership with contractors in public procurement as well as case examples from Member States and the European Commission.

Apply for free of charge assistance for your next Innovation Procurement

Are you a public buyer that could use some help in preparing and implementing your next innovation procurement? Get in touch with the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (EAFIP) to request local assistance now. Public buyers from all thematic fields are welcome: for example public transport, healthcare, environment, water, energy, public administration, construction, security, education etc. Next deadline for submission of applications: 15 April 2022.

Call for tenders: PCP on integrated care solutions for chronic heart failure

The INCAREHEART buyers group from 5 different countries around Europe (SE, IT, EL, PT, TK) invites interested bidders to submit offers for their pre-commercial procurement. The aim is to trigger new ICT-enabled integrated care solutions to be created and tested that can advance multidisciplinary health and care for patients with chronic heart failure, in particular regarding early diagnosis and anticipatory care, care and follow-up, living with heart failure.

Call for tenders: Next Generation Sequencing for Oncology

Increasing the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in oncology requires further cost and technology acceleration. 8 health procurers from 5 countries (BE, FR, DE, ES, IT) invite potentially interested bidders to submit an offer for their oncNGS pre-commercial procurement. Aim of the procurement is to develop an affordable integrated solution for predictive, prognostic and diagnostic analysis in liquid biopsies of solid tumours (including appropriate haematological indications) based on NGS technology. Deadline for submission of offers: 2 February 2022

Call for tenders - PCP on 100% renewable energy supply for public buildings

The ProcuRE buyers group from 6 EU countries (SI, ES, DE, PT, IS, TK) are inviting interested bidders to submit offers for their pre-commercial procurement. It is the first PCP under Slovenian public procurement law. ProcuRE will procure the development and testing of breakthrough innovative renovation approaches that can deliver 100% renewable energy supply for existing public buildings in order to move towards full decarbonization. Deadline for submission of offers: 22 February 2022.

European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement

The European Commission is looking for novel blockchain solutions for the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure. The first solution design phase was completed by 7 contractors. Procurement contracts for the second phase have been awarded to 5 contractors and phase 2A 'prototype development and lab testing' is now ongoing.

Webinar Round Table: The management perspective on the benefits of innovation procurement

A selection of top managers from Belgium, Greece and Spain give insights into the benefits and positive side effects of Innovation Procurement. They tell us how Innovation Procurement can be part of a new organizational agile mind-set to optimize overall performance and services and how it can create new dynamics with the market. They share and discuss their challenges and practical ways to tackle them successfully. Join the 22 July webinar (14h30-1600).

Open market consultation: detection of unauthorized mobile devices in correctional facilities

The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security invites potentially interested bidders to participate in the open market consultation for its procurement to buy innovative solutions for the detection of unauthorized mobile devices. Aim is to immediately detect any form of mobile calling (3G, 4G and 5G) in custodial facilities such as cells or recreation areas, in idle mode or when it is turned on or called with it. Deadline to reply to questionnaire: 12 May 2021. Dialogue meetings: 20-28 May 2021.

Hospital buyers invite peers across Europe to collaborate on finetuning innovative procurement needs

Six hospitals from Spain, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and the UK invite other clinics, healthcare organizations and practitioners for feedback on six unmet needs that require innovative solutions: zero waste operating theaters, personalised surgical process for joint replacements, waste reduction services, smart emergency call and response solutions, innovative renovation of hospital wards and transformation of the outpatient journey. Are you facing similar challenges? Submit your comments. By working together, we can encourage and enable innovation in the supply-chain that meets also your needs.

Call for tenders open: Spanish national cybersecurity institute launches pre-commercial procurement

The Institute for Business Competitiveness and the Spanish national cybersecurity competence center (INCIBE) invite interested bidders to submit offers for their first pre-commercial procurement in the cybersecurity field. The aim is to develop tools that can discover and eliminate websites or domains where hidden illegal activities happen, not only on the regular Internet but also on the Deep Web. The procurement receives funding from the European Union's European Regional Development Fund. Check out the video presentation of the tender scope. Deadline for submission of offers: 14 May 2021

Greek National Training School of Public Administration launches trainings on innovation procurement

The Greek National Training School for Public Administration (EKDDA) started regular 3-day training courses on innovation procurement for civil servants in Greece. The certified training program is organized in cooperation with the Greek national competence center on innovation procurement. This certification can trigger more innovation procurement by linking the training to promotion opportunities. Topics covered range from preparation to implementation and monitoring of innovation procurement, joint procurement, case examples, European funding. Next training is planned for 11-13/5/2021.

Norwegian Research Council launches 2021 call to support public buyers with pre-commercial procurements

Norway's support to pre-commercial procurements (PCP) has been a huge success, leading to the commercialization of the world's first self-driving snow clearing vehicles, emission free public ferry boats and the world's largest full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage system to combat climate change. Since over a decade, the Norwegian Research Council launches a yearly call to financially support Norwegian public buyers in preparing and/or implementing PCPs. This year Norwegian procurers are invited to submit applications for the new 200 million Kroner call until 15 September 2021.

Creating the world's first and largest full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage facility

Since 2011, the Norwegian oil and gas operators Equinor and Gassnova successfully completed two consecutive pre-commercial procurements that developed and tested cost effective solutions for full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage. This is a cornerstone in the EU's climate strategy to reduce CO2 emissions of the energy intensive industries and reach climate neutrality by 2050. Recently the Norwegian government and the EFTA surveillance authority approved 2,5Bn EURO budget for full-scale roll out of the solution, which by 2050 could capture 14% of the CO2 emitted across the entire EU.

European Commission procurement triggers wider deployment of innovative disinfection robots across Europe's hospitals

The European Commission contracted UVD robots, a Danish startup, to deliver an additional 100 disinfection robots to hospitals across EU countries, bringing the total to 300 robots purchased so far. Back in 2014-17, Blue Ocean Robotics created this self-driving disinfection robot in a pre-commercial procurement for a buyers group of Danish regions. Since then its subsidiary UVD robots experienced steep growth by selling the robots worldwide to fight COVID-19.

Call for tenders open: pre-commercial procurement on organ preservation

The center for minimal invasive surgery in Caceres (ES) invites interested bidders to make offers for the pre-commercial procurement on improving organ preservation from the donor to the recipient. The buyer is looking for innovative solutions that can monitor in real-time the function and status of the organ, enable to use organs with expanded criteria, extend the preservation periods under physiological conditions, without altering the metabolic or secretory function of the organ and predict the post-transplant viability of the organ. Deadline for submission of offers: 8 April 2021.

Call for tenders open: pre-commercial procurement on water management decision making system

The hydrographic confederation of Segura (ES) aims to encourage the development of innovative real-time IT decision making systems to achieve more efficient and sustainable water management in the Segura River Basin District. Advanced simulation, forecasting and optimization tools - including artificial intelligence and big data capabilities - are needed to develop 5 new modules (meteorological prediction, simulation and hydrological prediction, agronomic module, water resources management, quantity and quality, economic analysis and prediction). Deadline to submit offers: 25 March 2021