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Coordination of Digital Strategy & Green ICT (Unit F.1)

Coordination of Digital Strategy & Green ICT (Unit F.1)

Digital Day 2021: EU countries commit to key digital initiatives for Europe's Digital Decade

Today, at the online Digital Day 2021, Ministers representing EU Member States signed three Declarations to pool efforts and resources to promote international connectivity, incentivise the rollout of clean digital technologies and improve the regulatory environment for start-ups and scale-ups. These tangible commitments will help accelerate Europe’s green and digital transformation and will contribute to the vision and goals of Europe's Digital Decade.

Digital Day 2021

Digital Day 2021 will take place on 19 March as a virtual event, organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Portuguese Presidency.

Why we need to redesign the internet to fight climate change - Connect University

The current global trend of digital consumption is unsustainable in terms of the energy and materials it requires. The exponential growth of digital consumption has led to a digital carbon footprint currently increasing at 8% each year. Although energy efficiency gains have been achieved through technical progress, there is no technological breakthrough expected in the next 10 years that could reverse or even counter this trend.

Shaping the digital transformation in Europe

This report summarises the outcome of the study "Shaping the digital transformation in Europe". It outlines nine potential signature initiatives for Europe: bold actions that set a high bar and that directly address the four objectives for Europe’s digital transformation: building and deploying digital solutions for societal challenges and climate; reinvigorating democracy, trust and diversity; securing Europe’s digital technological sovereignty and cybersecurity; and boosting the economy and competitiveness.

Shaping the digital transformation in Europe - Working paper: Economic potential

The present working paper summarizes selected findings of the macro-economic simulations conducted as part of the study "Shaping the digital transformation in Europe", which assess the potential impact of disruptive digital technologies on the economy and society in the EU and its member states. The study is carried out by McKinsey & Company on behalf of the Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect).

Shaping Europe’s digital future: Commission presents strategies for data and Artificial Intelligence

The Commission has unveiled its ideas and actions for a digital transformation that works for all, reflecting the best of Europe: open, fair, diverse, democratic and confident. It presents a European society powered by digital solutions that put people first, opens up new opportunities for businesses, and boosts the development of trustworthy technology to foster an open and democratic society and a vibrant and sustainable economy.

Shaping Europe’s digital future – Questions and Answers

The EU is pursuing a digital strategy that builds on our successful history of technology, innovation and ingenuity, vested in European values, and projecting them onto the international stage. The White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the European data strategy show that Europe can set global standards on technological development while putting people first.

Digital Day 2019

The third edition of the Digital Day enabled the EU and interested Member States to pool resources to accelerate digital developments in key areas that can bring tangible benefits to our economies and our societies.