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Test Digital Excellence & Science Infrastructure Newsletter

Test Digital Excellence & Science Infrastructure Newsletter

EuroHPC Summit Week 2020

The EuroHPC Summit Week (EHPCSW) 2020 will gather the main European stakeholders from the High Performance Computing (HPC) community: from technology suppliers, infrastructures to scientific and industrial users.

Deploying cloud based services that meet the demands of large-scale scientific projects

In 2019, 10 public research organisations from 7 EU countries completed the EU funded Helix Nebula Science Cloud pre-commercial procurement (HNSciCloud) and kick-started the uptake of new cloud-based systems with big data storage and analysis tools needed by large scientific projects. The HNSciCloud consortium won the 2019 Procura+ Award ‘outstanding innovation procurement in ICT’. May 2020, an extended buyers group of 40 countries started buying the larger rollout across Europe of cloud research services based on the HNSciCloud results.

Women in Graphene Career Development Day

The "Women In Graphene" initiative within the Graphene Flagship has been set up to help support women and create a more gender diverse scientific community. It aims to connect women working in graphene through biannual meetings and peer to peer support.

European Big Data Value Forum 2018

The European Big Data Value Forum is a key European event for industry professionals, business developers, researchers, and policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the European data economy and data-driven innovation in Europe. Keynotes and presentations will range from cutting-edge industrial applications of Big Data technologies, artificial intelligence, innovative business cases of the data economy, inspiring future visions, and insights on EU policy-making and Research and Development and Innovation funding in this area.