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IST Event 2006

Video: Conversing with computers

Talking is the most natural way of human communication. But what about computers, is it possible for them to talk to humans naturally? A spoken language interface can be very helpful to assist in situations like travelling or gathering information. But to be able to communicate, computers are facing great challenges, like the great variety of languages and expressions used by humans.

Video: Weather Detectives

August 2002 - the rivers Danube, Elbe and many others flood dozens of major cities and hundreds of villages across Central and Eastern Europe. Dresden in East Germany lives one of the most severe floodings in its long history. The research to make forecasts more accurate is becoming increasingly important as catastrophic weather events rise in frequency. European scientists are working provide Europeans with earlier weather alerts.

ICT Policy Support Programme Information Day

The ICT Policy Support Programme (or ICT PSP) is a component of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). The ICT PSP aims to stimulate innovation and competitiveness through the wider uptake and best use of ICT by citizens, governments and businesses. The ICT PSP will run from 2007 to 2013 with an overall budget of 730 M€. The Work Programme of the ICT Policy Support Programme for 2007 is envisaged to be adopted in May and the first Call for Applications is expected to open on 23 May 2007 and close on 23 October. This Information Day will provide more details about the Call, the various themes and instruments as well as the conditions for application.

European eGovernment Awards - Only two weeks left

There are only two weeks left to submit a proposal for the European eGovernment Awards 2007. The awards for the most outstanding eGovernment solutions will be given at the fourth Ministerial eGovernment Conference 2007 on 20 September in Lisbon, Portugal.

Video: Photonics

Photonic components and systems can be found in everything from image sensors and lighting to DVD players and communication networks.

Video: Digital content

Capture and share content. Find, reuse, and communicate it - easily. Transform raw information into knowledge

Video: Networked Media

Networked media means numerous electronic devices connected to a network, with media files accessible from anywhere

Video: Cognition and Robotics

For many, robots are associated with hyper-automated manufacturing plants or the weird and wonderful humanoids of science fiction.

€1.2 billion investment to drive European ICT research

The Commission is this year allocating €1.2 billion of EU funding to new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) research projects. This has led to the largest single call for proposals (open until 8 May 2007) ever launched in the history of EU-funded research. On February 1st, more than 2000 ICT researchers from across Europe met in Cologne to learn how best to address the research priorities and to form project consortia in response to the EU’s newly-launched call.

ICT Proposers' Day in Köln : Interactive Features Added

More interactive features have been added to the website for Köln 2007 (1 February), a one day networking event focused on helping Europe's ICT researchers respond to the Call for Proposals from the EU's new research programme.

ICT Call 1 and FET Open Call now open

ICT Call 1 has been published with an initial budget of 1019€m. All seven of the Framework Programme 7 challenges are covered by this Call, with these challenges being split into objectives. See the ICT Work Programme for 2007-08 for further details. The FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) Open Call closes on 31 December 2008.

HPC4U Open Source Version Released

The HPC4U European research project active in GRID computing technologies just released the first freeware version of its fault tolerant grid middleware providing fault tolerance for parallel applications. This system, based on a Linux kernel running as MS Windows service (coLinux), offers the user the possibility to launch parallel application on virtual nodes in order to test fault tolerance mechanisms in action. The user can start a parallel compute job on two compute nodes, killing one of these nodes and seeing, within a second, the job restarting on two other nodes.

IJkdijk project : development of an early warning system for dike failures

Solid flood defence structures are of vital importance in a wet environment as the Netherlands. To be able to monitor the condition of the dikes even better, a pilot project with a smart dike, the IJkdijk, has been launched in the Dutch province of Groningen. The sand core of the dike will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art sensor and ICT technologies. The ultimate goal of the pilot project is to enable district water boards to monitor the condition of the dikes around the clock. The initiators hope that in future dike breaches –with can be devastating- can be prevented.

Tomorrow’s answers start today with the Seventh Research Framework Programme

The European Union puts considerable emphasis on the need to invest more in research. By increasing our knowledge base, Europe will be more able to address its challenges for the future such as climate change, energy security or the ageing population. Increased emphasis on industrial research and innovation will lead to new products and services that will boost Europe’s international competitiveness. The EU has responded to the increased need for coordinated and focussed research with the Seventh Research Framework Programme, due to be voted by the European Parliament on 30 November, for final adoption by the Council of Ministers on 5 December. The European Commission is making available information to help guide the press through this comprehensive programme, the biggest yet at European level.

TAI-CHI judged "Best Exhibit" at IST 2006

The Grand Prize of €10,000, sponsored by Nokia, was presented to the TAI-CHI Exhibit by Mr Fabio Colasanti of the European Commission, accompanied by Mr. Erkki Ormala, Vice President of Technology Policy at Nokia. The fascinating Tai-Chi demonstration was declared grand prize winner from among three winners by a jury of independent experts with experience in event communications and EU research, based on over 2700 votes cast by delegates at the event website.

€10,000 for HUMAINE – judged “Best IST Project website"

Director General Fabio Colasanti of the European Commission, accompanied by Mr. Erkki Ormala, Vice President of Technology Policy at Nokia gave the Grand Prize award of €10,000 at the IST 2006 Closing Ceremony. The Humaine project was selected by a jury from among three winners. Over 254 IST Projects enrolled their site into the competition via the conference website, through which the wider Internet community rated them online. Over 16,000 ratings were received, resulting in a shortlist from which a jury selected the winners.