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Consultation results

Summary Report on the targeted consultation on the application of Article 17

In order to finalise the stakeholder dialogue on the application of Article 17 of the Directive on Copyirght and Related Rights in the Digital Single Market, the Commission organised a targeted consultation from 27 July to 10 September 2020. The consultation was addressed to the participants to the stakeholder dialogue organised by the Commisson pursuant to Article 17(10) of Directive (EU) 2019/790. The objective of the consultation was to gather feedback on the Commission’s initial ideas for the guidance that the Commission is required to issue on the application of Article 17.

Broadband Cost Reduction Directive: summary report of the consultation for its review

The summary report of the open public consultation regarding the evaluation and review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive takes stock of the contributions and presents preliminary trends that emerge from them, focusing on their quantitative aspects. The objective of the public consultation, which took place from 2 December 2020 to 2 March 2021, was to gather stakeholders’ views and inputs on the implementation of the Directive to support its evaluation, as well as on possible future adjustments with a view to support the preparation of a revised legislative proposal.