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Funding opportunity

Pilot Project "A European public sphere: a new online media offer for young Europeans"

This Call for Proposals implements the second EP Pilot Project "A European public sphere: a new online media offer for young Europeans". Similar to last year, it seeks proposals of consortia gathering at least 5 media organisations from at least 5 EU Member States, to produce daily, thought-provoking content from across Europe around current affairs, particularly targeting young Europeans.

Call for Proposals - Covering EU affairs through a radio network

The aim of this Call for Proposals is to support a network of radio stations, producing and disseminating editorially-independent information about EU affairs. The selected project will increase reporting and debate around European topics, on air and in digital formats, from pan-European viewpoints and/or by comparing different viewpoints from within Europe.

Study on the impact of recent developments in adtech and their impact on privacy, the publishers and advertisers

The aim of this study is to provide the Commission with evidence and analysis on the online advertising industry that could inform future policy options for safeguarding individual privacy and supporting the evolution of a more balanced online advertising ecosystem. This will be in the interests of individual consumers of online services and content, and of online businesses and particularly publishers (study reference: CNECT/2021/OP/0030).

European media platforms

The Commission is launching a 5,98 M € call for proposals to set up European media platforms projects, aiming to improve Union citizens’ access to trusted information across the Union. Projects should stimulate ways to develop technical systems to enhance and expand a quality news content and/or programming offer based on high quality standards and European rights and values. Platforms should allow content to be available in multiple European languages.

Preparatory Action "Writing European"

The Commission is launching a 3M € call for proposals to strengthen the capacity of the European audiovisual industry to create cutting edge fiction series that can attract audiences across borders, and to nurture a community of European talents able to work across national and linguistic borders. It should enable European companies to scale up their collaboration and to offer talents continuous opportunities in Europe throughout their career. While the audiovisual industry has been severely hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, this new action should support talents as well as European companies, and contribute to the sector’s recovery.

Horizon Europe call for proposals - Innovation for media

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals for innovation actions in the media sector, to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation and build prototypes of advanced solutions for the creation, distribution and consumption of new immersive and innovative products for media.

Multilingual EU affairs using European media platforms

The Commission is launching a 1,76 M € call for proposals to increase the production, curation and circulation of professional and multilingual news media content (in any format), as well as non-fictional programming, through European open and digital delivery systems. The call will require close cooperation of several media actors agreeing to share content amongst themselves. This content should cover EU affairs and should be consistently reachable across as many Union countries as possible in at least 5 Union languages.

Media representation and inclusion for refugees and migrants

Media (re)presentation and visibility of vulnerable groups like migrants and refugees remains very marginal in the mainstream media across Europe. This call aims to improve the visibility of these vulnerable groups in the media by supporting them to use their skills and knowledge to contribute themselves to shape their portrayal in the media. It aims to give a voice to these groups and support them in their media coverage, helping to offer new positive narratives on migration.

Media Councils in the Digital Age

The European Commission is launching a Call for proposals for the Preparatory Action “Media Councils in the digital age”. Building on the results of the two editions of the Pilot Project “Media Councils in the digital age”, the objective of this Preparatory Action is to further support the activities of the media self-regulation bodies and to promote the importance of the journalistic standards in the modern media environment.

Journalism Partnerships

The call for proposals for Journalism Partnerships aims to help the wider European news media sector become more sustainable and resilient, thus contributing to trustworthy reporting on current affairs, to an informed and inclusive democratic debate, to skills development and employment for news media professionals and journalists.

HBP Call for Expressions of Interest (CEoI): COVID-19 and its impact on the brain and mental health

A Human Brain Project (HBP) Call for Expression of Interest (CEoI) to support COVID-19 research, in particular in the field of COVID-19-related brain-disorders and mental health issues, by building on the strengths of EBRAINS research infrastructure. The successful applicant(s) will contribute, in close collaboration with HBP Partners, to the HBP project mission, complement expertise already present in the HBP, and use a portfolio of tools and services provided by EBRAINS to conduct the proposed work.

Pilot Project - Digital European Platform of Quality Content Providers (Second Phase)

The main objective of this Call for Tenders (2nd year) is to produce a feasibility study on the opportunities for the creation of media data space. The study should help European policy makers assess the long-term sustainability of such a platform. For this, identifying the features that it should have in order to become a relevant player in the European media ecosystem is key as well as pinpointing the major operational, financial and technological risks that the creation of the platform would face.

Study on media plurality and diversity online

The main objective of this study is to provide the Commission, member states and national regulators with elements to support the analysis of media plurality and diversity issues as well as the suitability of the current media-specific rules to safeguard media freedom and pluralism.

eGovernment Benchmark Usability Pilots

The purpose of this call for tenders is to develop and pilot an assessment framework for measuring usability, enforcing the user centricity pillar of the eGovernment Benchmark, after a request from the countries participating in the exercise (reference: VIGIE 2020-0828).

AAL 2021 - call for projects launched

The AAL Programme announced the publication of the 2021 Call for proposals which is dedicated to advancing inclusive health and care solutions for ageing well in the new decade.