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Action Groups of the European Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA)

This infographic explains the objectives of the EIP on AHA Action Groups, their thematic areas of work, their role and provides some statistics.

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author:  WE4AHA Coordination and Support Action (CSA) 2017-2020


Task description

EIP on AHA Action Groups Communities of Hands- On Experts

A group of stakeholders that work together on specific thematic areas, related to the overall objectives of the EIP on AHA, focusing on scaling up innovation.

Each Action Group has an action plan and participants commit to carrying out activities contributing towards the objectives of that plan.

Thematic areas of work

Innovative solutions to ensure better adherence to treatment at regional level

Innovative solutions to better manage health and prevent falls by older adults

Prevention of functional decline and frailty

Integrated care models for chronic diseases

ICT solutions to help people to stay independent, more active & mobile for longer

Innovation for age-friendly accessible buildings, cities and environments

· Investors/ Innovators

· Health and Care Organisations 

· Public Authorities

· End Users and Patient Associations

· Large Industry/ SMEs

· Academia

Action Groups in numbers

· 6 Action Groups

· More than 1,300 active partners 

· More than 1,000 commitments working towards the objectives of the Action Plans. 


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