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Digi-NewB project - A new generation monitoring system in neonatology

A high proportion of premature babies become infected while in hospital leading to significant morbidity and mortality. A new decision support system, developed by the Digi-NewB project, aims to reduce sepsis risk while monitoring newborn cardiorespiratory and neurobehavioural maturation.

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Each year in Europe, more than 300.000 babies are born prematurely. They are more exposed than others to the risk of sepsis, or infection.

The EU-funded Digi-NewB project, which finished in May 2020, aimed to improve care for the newborns thanks to the development of a new generation monitoring system. The project combined expertise from the fields of engineering, big data and medical sciences and had a particular focus on sepsis risk and maturation of premature newborns.

The system developed by the project used AI to analyse a full set of data from the newborn, such as cardiac and respiratory rhythms, clinical signs, and movements, thanks to video recordings. Then, it calculates and displays a sepsis risk score. By doing so, it enables clinicians to monitor the evolution of this sepsis risk score in time. They can also view selected parameter trends and replay video recordings. Importantly, this new system is easy to use and install, and can be operated by hospital staff.

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