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Call for tenders open: Cagliari hospital pre-commercial procurement to improve cancer diagnosis

Cagliari University Hospital in Sardinia invites interested bidders to submit offers for its pre-commercial procurement that is looking for new intelligent systems for improving ultrasound diagnosis and more accurate determination of the stage of rectal cancer. The aim is to enable autonomous reading and interpretation of ultrasound images to overcome the limits of human interpretation through a self-learning mechanism and to improve the accuracy of pre-treatment staging. This is also expected to help treat rectal cancer in the COVID-19 era. Deadline for submission of offers: 07/12/2020

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This pre-commercial procurement receives co-financing from the European Structural Funds POR FESR DARDINIA 2014-2020 - acis 1 - action 1.3.1) Strenghening and qualification of the public administration's demand for innovation by supporting pre-commercial procurement and innovation procurement actions.