European Commission Broadband Policy Update at "Governmental Day" Workshop in the frame of the FTTH Conference 2020 in Berlin

atene KOM GmbH and FTTH Council Europe
Governmental Day Workshop by atene KOM GmbH
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Franco Accordino, Head of Unit "Investment in High-Capacity Networks" at European Commission, DG Connect, will open the online "Governmental Day" Workshop and give a broadband policy update. atene KOM and the FTTH Council Europe are organising the sixth "Governmental Day" Workshop on 2 December in the frame of the FTTH Conference 2020.

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The Governmental Day Workshop is an event that provides an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU with a strong focus on addressing the challenges of broadband deployment in rural areas that occur for public local and regional authorities. The approach is not only to inform stakeholders about policy developments at European level, but also to demonstrate possible solutions to given challenges and to facilitate a fruitful exchange in order to create a robust broadband stakeholder community.

Take the opportunity to meet experts, exchange your experiences and learn from fellow broadband stakeholders!

Workshop at a glance

Digital Single Market: European Commission Broadband Policy Update

Franco Accordino, Head Of Unit "Investment in High-Capacity Networks" at European Commission


Planning successful broadband roll-out! Best Practices from European regions


From the digital towards the gigabit society

  • German Broadband Funding Programme: achievements, fact & figures, success stories and outlook.
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