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Cases T-591/15 , T-111/15, T-165/15, T-53/16, T-77/16, T-165/16 - Ryanair

The Commission welcomes today's judgments of the General Court concerning four Commission decisions of 2014 finding that agreements concluded by the operators of several regional airports in France (Angoulême, Nîmes, Pau) and Germany (Altenburg-Nobitz) with airlines constitute incompatible State aid and ordering their recovery. The Commission takes note of the partial annulment by the General Court of the Commission's decision in case SA.27339 concerning aid implemented by Germany for Zweibrücken airport and airlines using the airport, as regards the finding that the agreement with Zweibrücken airport granted State aid to Ryanair/AMS. Importantly, with these judgments, the General Court has overall confirmed the application made by the Commission of the market economy operator principle to the agreements between the airports and the airlines. The Commission will study the judgments in detail in order to draw the appropriate conclusions for ongoing and future cases. The Commission will also analyse the judgment in the Zweibrücken case and consider appropriate steps to give effect to this judgment.