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29/07/2020 HELIOS Project

Author: Gergana Yovova
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Greece
Lang: Greek
Gergana Yovova Integration Practice gr Greece el Greek
28/07/2020 Mentoring Program for Migrants

Author: EWSI Content Manager
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Portugal
Lang: Portuguese
EWSI Content Manager Integration Practice pt Portugal pt Portuguese
20/07/2020 Laughter - laughter as a tool of intercultural understanding

Author: Norbert Bichl
Type: Integration Practice
Lang: Multilingual
Norbert Bichl Integration Practice Multilingual
10/07/2020 ENTRYWAY- Entrepreneurship Without Borders

Author: Marina Nikolova
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Greece
Lang: Multilingual
Marina Nikolova Integration Practice gr Greece Multilingual
09/07/2020 The Settle in Estonia Programme

Author: Kristjan Kaldur
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Estonia
Lang: English
Kristjan Kaldur Integration Practice ee Estonia en English
09/07/2020 Prollema – Empowering young migrants to teach their mother tongue

Author: Migration CIDOB
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Spain
Lang: English
Migration CIDOB Integration Practice es Spain en English
07/07/2020 Slovenia: The Challenges of Intercultural Coexistence

Author: Lana Zdravković
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Slovenia
Lang: Slovene
Lana Zdravković Integration Practice si Slovenia sl Slovene
03/07/2020 Migrant Entrepreneurship Support in Portugal: GAEM Project

Author: Alina Esteves
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Portugal
Lang: Portuguese
Alina Esteves Integration Practice pt Portugal pt Portuguese
30/06/2020 Luxembourg: Music therapy for refugees

Author: Serge Kollwelter
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Luxembourg
Lang: French
Serge Kollwelter Integration Practice lu Luxembourg fr French
26/06/2020 Family Water Safety: swimming skills for newly arrived immigrants in Sweden

Author: Lisa Pelling
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Sweden
Lang: Swedish
Lisa Pelling Integration Practice se Sweden sv Swedish