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09/07/2019 Upcoming Horizon 2020 call for proposals – Mapping and overcoming integration challenges for migrant children

Author: Monica Li
Type: News
Lang: Multilingual
Monica Li News Multilingual
08/07/2019 Peer Mentoring - Supporting refugee children's integration in Polish schools

Author: Magdalena Lesinska
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Poland
Lang: Polish
Magdalena Lesinska Integration Practice pl Poland pl Polish
04/07/2019 Immigrant teachers complete programme to teach in Irish schools

Author: Teresa Buczkowska
Type: News
Area: Ireland
Lang: English
Teresa Buczkowska News ie Ireland en English
20/06/2019 Study shows high levels of exclusion and bullying of foreign minors in Malta

Author: PfC Malta
Type: News
Area: Malta
Lang: English
PfC Malta News mt Malta en English
06/06/2019 The Road to Integration – Education and Migration

Author: Monica Li
Type: Library Document
Lang: English
Monica Li Library Document en English
04/04/2019 J-PAL Europe seeks partners for European Social Inclusion Initiative

Author: Monica Li
Type: News
Lang: English
Monica Li News en English
01/04/2019 Higher education scholarships for refugee and asylum seeker students in Portugal

Author: Alina Esteves
Type: News
Area: Portugal
Lang: Portuguese
Alina Esteves News pt Portugal pt Portuguese
29/03/2019 Tallinn – Nordic-Baltic Migration Conference 2019

Author: Kristjan Kaldur
Type: Event
Area: Estonia
Lang: Multilingual
Kristjan Kaldur Event ee Estonia Multilingual
29/03/2019 Specifics of the process of integration of minors in the Czech Republic

Author: Jan Ditko
Type: Library Document
Area: Czech Republic
Lang: Czech
Jan Ditko Library Document cz Czech Republic cs Czech
27/03/2019 Athens – Perspectives of the Integration of Researchers in Danger Going to Europe

Author: Konstantinos Vlachopoulos
Type: Event
Area: Greece
Lang: English
Konstantinos Vlachopoulos Event gr Greece en English