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23/01/2020 Zagreb – Migration Policymaking in the EU: Towards an Evidence-Based Approach

Author: Drago Zuparic
Type: Event
Area: Croatia
Lang: Multilingual
Drago Zuparic Event hr Croatia Multilingual
20/01/2020 Open funding calls through the EU's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme

Author: Monica Li
Type: News
Lang: Multilingual
Monica Li News Multilingual
17/01/2020 Za'atar NGO and Project Layali Social Enterprise – Empowering refugees to achieve autonomy

Author: Konstantinos Vlachopoulos
Type: Integration Practice
Area: Greece
Lang: Greek
Konstantinos Vlachopoulos Integration Practice gr Greece el Greek
16/01/2020 OECD High-Level Policy Forum: Building a Whole-of-Society Approach to Emerging Migration and Integration Challenges

Author: Monica Li
Type: Event
Lang: Multilingual
Monica Li Event Multilingual
13/01/2020 Private sector pledges USD 250 million at Global Refugee Forum

Author: Monica Li
Type: News
Lang: English
Monica Li News en English
08/01/2020 Working with a student with migration experience at schools

Author: Magdalena Lesinska
Type: Library Document
Area: Poland
Lang: Polish
Magdalena Lesinska Library Document pl Poland pl Polish
07/01/2020 European Resettlement Integration Technical Assistance (EURITA)

Author: Genevieve caston
Type: Integration Practice
Lang: English
Genevieve caston Integration Practice en English
06/01/2020 MURAL - Mutual Understanding, Respect and Learning

Author: Alina Esteves
Type: Library Document
Lang: English
Alina Esteves Library Document en English
02/01/2020 Bulgaria: funding for increasing pedagogical specialists' capacity in a multicultural environment

Author: Bistra Ivanova
Type: News
Area: Bulgaria
Lang: Bulgarian
Bistra Ivanova News bg Bulgaria bg Bulgarian
01/01/2020 Luxembourg – Reorganisation of ministerial competences

Author: Serge Kollwelter
Type: News
Area: Luxembourg
Lang: French
Serge Kollwelter News lu Luxembourg fr French