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25/08/2021 Migration policy of Poland - main directions and assumptions

Author: Magdalena Lesinska
Type: Event
Area: Poland
Lang: Polish
Magdalena Lesinska Event pl Poland pl Polish
28/07/2021 Sweden: Compulsory introduction course for all asylum seekers

Author: Lisa Pelling
Type: News
Area: Sweden
Lang: English
Lisa Pelling News se Sweden en English
19/07/2021 Portugal: Innovative project welcomes refugees and repopulates villages

Author: Alina Esteves
Type: News
Area: Portugal
Lang: Portuguese
Alina Esteves News pt Portugal pt Portuguese
06/07/2021 Countering misinformation within refugee and migrant populations

Author: Genevieve caston
Type: Event
Area: Belgium
Lang: English
Genevieve caston Event be Belgium en English
05/07/2021 BRIDGES project shares useful resources for building cohesive, inclusive local communities

Author: Olivia Long
Type: News
Lang: English
Olivia Long News en English
02/07/2021 Wer ist das Volk? Einschlüsse und Ausschlüsse

Author: Gerd Valchars
Type: Event
Area: Austria
Lang: German
Gerd Valchars Event at Austria de German
23/06/2021 Ireland: New mentoring programme pairs local councillors with migrants

Author: Teresa Buczkowska
Type: News
Area: Ireland
Lang: English
Teresa Buczkowska News ie Ireland en English
22/06/2021 Policy brief: The promise of an EU approach to community sponsorship

Author: Olivia Long
Type: Library Document
Lang: English
Olivia Long Library Document en English
21/06/2021 Romania: Launch of country's first migrant-focused initiative addressing gender-based violence

Author: Luciana Lazarescu
Type: News
Area: Romania
Lang: English
Luciana Lazarescu News ro Romania en English
18/06/2021 SPRING launch conference: Promoting evidence-based communities of practice on migrant integration

Author: Olivia Long
Type: Event
Lang: English
Olivia Long Event en English