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07/06/2019 Croatia – 6th edition of Refugees’ Weeks – Let’s meet and change a perspective!

Author: Drago Zuparic
Type: Event
Area: Croatia
Lang: Multilingual
Drago Zuparic Event hr Croatia Multilingual
17/05/2019 UNINTEGRA – Universities leading research and training for the integration of refugees

Author: Migration CIDOB
Type: Integration Practice
Lang: Multilingual
Migration CIDOB Integration Practice Multilingual
06/04/2019 Next Door Family project EU

Author: Lucie Trlifajova
Type: Integration Practice
Lang: Multilingual
Lucie Trlifajova Integration Practice Multilingual
29/03/2019 Tartu – Open seminar on community work and social inclusion

Author: Kristjan Kaldur
Type: Event
Area: Estonia
Lang: English
Kristjan Kaldur Event ee Estonia en English
29/03/2019 Tallinn – Nordic-Baltic Migration Conference 2019

Author: Kristjan Kaldur
Type: Event
Area: Estonia
Lang: Multilingual
Kristjan Kaldur Event ee Estonia Multilingual
21/03/2019 Migration boosted Czech population in 2018

Author: Jan Ditko
Type: News
Area: Czech Republic
Lang: English
Jan Ditko News cz Czech Republic en English
18/03/2019 Le parcours d'intégration républicaine rénové

Author: Diane Hassig
Type: News
Area: France
Lang: French
Diane Hassig News fr France fr French
05/03/2019 Latest statistical data from the Refugees Reception Centre of Lithuania

Author: Karolis Zibas
Type: News
Area: Lithuania
Lang: Lithuanian
Karolis Zibas News lt Lithuania lt Lithuanian
21/02/2019 Kommission für Integrationsfähigkeit nimmt ihre Arbeit auf

Author: Masoumeh Bayat
Type: News
Area: Germany
Lang: German
Masoumeh Bayat News de Germany de German
21/02/2019 Dutch municipalities get more resources but also more pressure to integrate newcomers

Author: Laura Coello Eertink
Type: News
Area: Netherlands
Lang: Dutch
Laura Coello Eertink News nl Netherlands nl Dutch