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03 October 2018

Slovak Ministry of Labour publishes new strategy on labour mobility of foreigners

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Slovakia just adopted the new Strategy on Labour Mobility of Foreigners in the Slovak Republic, prepared by the Slovak Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in September 2018. The material elaborates measures aimed at resolving labour market shortages in certain areas. Different government ministries would be responsible for the implementation of the measures.

According to the labour ministry, labour market shortages and negative trends stemming from demographic factors and population aging might be resolved through the employment of third-country nationals, preferably those who are high-skilled, but not exclusively. According to the strategy, migrants could fill positions that do not interest locals and positively contribute to the overall economy.

The strategy calls for various temporary measures, with the possibility of further assessment of these measures in the future in accordance with the needs of the labour market. Among the proposed short-term measures are:

  • A quarterly update of the list of sectors with labour shortages (instead of yearly updates, as is the case now)
  • Review of the conditions and documents necessary for temporary residence permits
  • Shortening the legal period to review temporary residence permit applications from 90 days to 30 days
  • Diverse measures to decrease bureaucratic burden (e.g. making the recognition of education credentials easier)

The strategy also identifies long-term measures, for instance updating the Migration Policy of the Slovak Republic with an Outlook to 2020 or the Integration Policy of the Slovak Republic, as they were prepared in a different social, economic and political context. The new strategy also touches upon the integration of economic migrants, with an emphasis given to the local dimension of integration.

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