31 January 2018 / Issues 99

Meet your national integration representative to the EU

31 representatives of national authorities are committed since November 2016 to exchange knowledge in the field of migrant integration and consult with the European Commission on current developments and policy agenda. These members of the European Integration Network (EIN) therefore participate in targeted study visits, meetings, peer reviews, workshops and mutual assistance actions on specific integration aspects.

The editorial team of the European Web Site on Integration is now publishing information allowing you to:

EIN members

Other European cooperation platforms, such as the Urban Agenda, also promote mutual learning between relevant integration actors. They are featured on the network page

Other EU cooperation platforms

This 99th issue of EWSI's newsletter also features a selection of the latest integration news, funding opportunities and documents:

Latest News

Deutschland: Deutlich weniger Familiennachzüge

Im Jahr 2017 sind insgesamt 85.000 Menschen über den Familiennachzug nach Deutschland gekommen. Damit liegt die Zahl deutlich niedriger als in den Jahren zuvor. Im Jahr 2016 kamen mit insgesamt 114.500 Menschen deutlich mehr Personen im Zuge des Familiennachzugs nach Deutschland, 2015 waren…
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Netherlands: Trade unions plead for better labour conditions

In January, Labour Union CNV chairman Maurice Limmen demanded for authorities to put an end to labour migration. He Stated in an interview with De Telegraaf that employers are wrong to say that they need people from abroad because of labour shortages, as 1.2 million unemployed people in the…
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Join the public consultation on EU funds in the area of migration

In 2018, the Commission will make comprehensive proposals for the next generation of financial programmes for the post-2020 period. The Commission aims for proposals that make it possible for the EU to deliver on important issues, in areas where it can achieve more than Member States acting…
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Greece: Data on Relocation procedures to other EU member States

The Asylum Service at the Greek Ministry of Migration Policy has published the number and nationalities of asylum seekers relocated from Greece across the Eu until 31 December 2017. The provided statistics show that 24 906 applications for relocation have been lodged until 2017, mainly from…
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Europe: EC signes a multi-stakeholder Partnership for Integration

Employment is a core element of the integration process and getting refugees and other newcomers quickly into work is an important objective shared by EU Member States. To ensure that inclusive labour markets draw from skills and talents of refugees, the European Commission and European Social…
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Latest Funding Information

Czech Republic: U.S. Embassy´s Small Grants Programme open

The U.S. Embassy in Prague is inviting institutions, organisations and individuals to submit project proposals for funding up to $ 10 000. Human rights & minority integration is one of the thematic priorities defined by the Embassy. Other relevant themes for migrant integration include…
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EU funding to support MS implement EU Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia

With this action grants, DG Justice wants to support Member States’ authorities in the identification and exchange of best practices in order to ensure correct and full implementation of the EU Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law. The call is…
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Europe: Erasmus+ calling for innovative & evidence-based policies in education. Apply

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency is to fund projects aiming at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of education and training systems for several target groups, including people with migrant background. The call for proposals is issued under Erasmus+ Key…
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Latest Documents

Czech Republic: Further steps in the realisation of the updated policy for the integration of foreigners in 2018

The Czech government, in this document, outlines its 2018 plan for the implementation of its integration policy. It identifies several major areas in which integration policies should be applied, defines concrete measures and designates authorities responsible for their accomplishment. 54…
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Gewalt gegen Flüchtlinge 2017: Von Entwarnung kann keine Rede sein

Die Amadeu Antonio Stiftung und Pro Asyl verzeichnen sie 1713 flüchtlingsfeindliche Straftaten für das Jahr 2017. Sich im Schnitt täglich mehr als vier Straftaten gegen Flüchtlinge oder ihre Unterkünfte richten. Zwar zeigt ein Vergleich zwischen der aktuellen…
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Croatian Action plan for the integration of beneficiaries of international protection (2017-2019)

On 23 November 2017, the Government of the Republic of Croatia has adopted a new Action Plan for the integration of persons granted international protection. The Action Plan covers the period 2017-2019 and mainly comprises provisions on beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and refugees' rights…
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Story of a journey across Europe: From first reception to integration of migrants

Researchers from Greece, Italy and Germany have analysed different steps of economic and humanitarian migrants' journey across Europe. This report presents their assessment of the procedures in place for newcomer asylum seekers and migrants, particularly women and minors, from first…
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#Refugeeswelcome in parks: a resource book

Parks can play an important role in supporting wellbeing. This research project led by the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape and the Young Foundation looked at ways of improving refugees and asylum seekers' access and enjoyment of green spaces. The resource…
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