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European Website on Integration - November 2022

Upcoming events

Webinar: Finding homes for newcomers - housing solutions for people fleeing the war in Ukraine

This webinar will examine the challenges faced by those fleeing Ukraine and the ways in which their specific vulnerabilities can be addressed. It will also look at the potential and limitations of available housing initiatives, and how initiatives catering to immediate housing needs can be embedded into a long-term integration strategy.

20 years of struggle and hope: Migrant experiences in Malta

This event commemorates 20 years since the first significant arrival of migrants in Malta, and will provide an intimate space dedicated to understanding and sharing different perspectives and insights into the refugee situation in Malta. 


Stand with Ukraine: EC awards €5.5 million to ensure safe homes for those fleeing Ukraine

The European Commission (EC) announced funding of €5.5 million for a project - managed by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) - that reinforces the EC's Safe Homes initiative.

Italy: More TCNs eligible for maternity allowance

The list of foreign beneficiaries engaged in atypical and discontinuous work who are eligible for maternity support in Italy has been extended.

Nach Kritik: Bund verlängert Förderung für Sprach-Kita-Programm

The German government has extended its support for the national language day-care centre programme - which promotes the language development of children with a migration background - by a further six months.

Czech Republic: NGOs launch campaign promoting the integration of those from Ukraine

A consortium of migrant-assisting organisations in the Czech Republic launched a campaign to promote the positive reception of refugees from Ukraine and highlight the mutual benefits of integration.

Latvia: Increased funding for civil society actors supporting those from Ukraine

The Society Integration Foundation of Latvia, a governmental institution that promotes the country's social cohesion, awarded funding to 11 NGOs promoting the inclusion and early integration of those arriving from Ukraine.

Funding opportunities

Czech Republic: Funding call for civil society integration initiatives and provision of integration courses

The Czech Ministry of Interior announced two calls for funding applications from projects supporting the integration of third-country nationals (TCNs), with funding deadlines on the 2 and 31 December.

Integration practices recently added

Lithuania: SCOBO website and mobile app

This innovative platform matches resident (TCN) foreigners in search of employment in Lithuania with potential employers.

La Fabrique NOMADE

La Fabrique Nomade identifie, évalue, valorise et forme des artisans pour une insertion durable sur le marché du travail, en adéquation avec leurs savoir-faire et expériences.

Latest documents

Whole-COMM country reports on multilevel dynamics and access to services in small and medium-sized towns

Whole-COMM - a 3-year project analysing migrant integration and community cohesion in small and medium-sized towns and rural areas - published its first 20 country reports, looking into migrant integration policies, multi-level governance dynamics and migrants’ access to public services.

Whole-COMM: Data inventory on integration policies, outcomes, public perceptions and social cohesion

This report provides an inventory on available statistical data on various aspects of post-2014 migrant settlement and integration, listing and elaborating on key sources and datasets in integration policy, integration outcomes, public perception and social cohesion. It also analyses integration policy and outcome indicators at national, regional and local levels.

Denmark: From UN refugee camp to municipality – 10 recommendations for receiving Congolese resettlement refugees

400 Congolese refugees are expected to arrive in Denmark from Rwanda over the next three years. This report shares information and recommendations on their integration and resettlement.

Italy: 2022 IDOS statistical dossier on immigration

This report on immigration in Italy studies demographics, legislation, labour, education, and other migration-related topics in both Italy and Europe.