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European Website on Integration - December 2021

EU highlights

  • The European Commission (EC) adopted a work programme for the 2021-2022 implementation of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) budget. Future integration-related calls for proposals under the programme will support the implementation of the EU action plan on integration and inclusion 2021-2027, focusing on integration and inclusion at regional and local level; access to healthcare; improving digital skills among migrants; promoting community sponsorship schemes and complementary pathways.
  • The EC has published a new toolkit in response to the pressing socioeconomic gap between people with a migrant background and mainstream society. The toolkit supports all relevant stakeholders at European, national, regional and local levels in the design and implementation of integration policies targeted at people with a migrant background, through the coordinated use of EU funds in the 2021–2027 programming period.

Upcoming events

The Amsterdam Conference on Tolerance

This online event will bring together international researchers, local politicians and other stakeholders to discuss the meaning of tolerance, respect, acceptance and appreciation, in order to define what the social contract of a tolerant city looks like.

OM Dialogues: communicating immigration

In celebration of International Migrants Day on 18 December the Portuguese Observatory of Migration (OM) and Statistics Portugal are organising a webinar to promote dialogue around challenges and strategies in the communication of immigration.


SPRING project: call for submissions of best integration practices and projects

The EU-funded Sustainable Practices of Integration (SPRING) project is now accepting submissions for best integration practices and projects. Individuals and organisations active in the area of migrant integration are invited to share their knowledge and submit a best practice or project.

The European Commission launches call for the European Community of Practice on Partnership 2021-2027

The European Commission (EC) launched a call for applications for members of the European Community of Practice on Partnership 2021-2027.

Bulgaria begins development of its first Refugee Integration Manifesto

Three Bulgarian organisations began the co-creation of the country’s first Refugee Integration Manifesto on 30 November 2021 at the National Refugee Integration Forum held in Sofia.

Qu’est-ce que l’Administration Numérique pour les Etrangers en France ?

L’administration numérique pour les étrangers en France (ANEF) a pour objectif de dématérialiser les démarches concernant le séjour des étrangers en France. Il s’agit d’une transformation numérique qui concernera à terme 10 millions d’usagers.

Integration practices recently added

Denmark: Integration houses for women in Copenhagen 1:3 - "FAKTI"

FAKTI supports vulnerable ethnic minority women, most of them above 40 years of age, many of whom are dealing with issues of trauma and PTSD. 

Denmark: Integration houses for women in Copenhagen 2:3 - "Kringlebakken"

Kringlebakken focuses on the early integration of mothers and their young children, including in particular younger mothers who are often socially isolated from society and unable to access Danish language courses and job training opportunities.

Denmark: Integration houses for women in Copenhagen 3:3 - “Diversity Works”

The Diversity Works community centre in Copenhagen offers counselling and activities promoting the improved quality of life and independence of women with an ethnic minority background, and is now also open to men and children.

Latest documents

A place-based approach to migrant integration

This report from the European Commission (EC)'s Joint Research Centre (JRC) examines urban and territorial strategies promoted by the EU Cohesion Policy during the 2014-2020 programming period, determining whether and how these strategies contribute to the integration and inclusion of international migrants in the local context. It features case studies from Athens, Liège, Malmö, Paris and Venice.

TRIPS project publishes a toolbox and report on the integration of trafficked refugees

The AMIF-funded Identification of Trafficked International Protection Beneficiaries’ Special Needs (TRIPS) project published a toolbox for integration practitioners and a European report on its main comparative findings.

Key challenges faced by children in migration: Outcomes of the Lost in Migration conference local hubs 2021

Within local hubs organised by Missing Children Europe, young migrants share the main challenges they face.

Denmark: majority strongly overestimates integration problems

Danes rank highest in the EU in terms of awareness of integration issues, but a new survey finds that three in four believe integration to be much less successful than facts show. 

In case you missed it

Last month marked one year since the European Commission announced its new EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027, which outlines concrete steps, provides guidance and delineates funding for initiatives that promote inclusion for everyone. Read more here about key achievements in this first year of implementation.