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EU highlights

An improved European Website on Integration (EWSI) with better functionality is coming this November! Stay tuned!

Upcoming events

MAX Diversity Film Festival award ceremony

The MAX Diversity Film Festival (MAXDFF) is a space for both amateur and professional filmmakers to showcase their stories and experiences of migration.

„Rassimus verlernen“: Kunst- und Kulturfestival in Dresden

Im Rahmen des Kunst- und Kulturfestivals, das vom 22 September bis zum 29 November 2021 in Dresden stattfinden wird, soll an sieben Tagen unter dem Motto „Rassimus verlernen“ ein Raum der kritischen und kreativen Auseinandersetzung mit Migration und Rassismus entstehen.

Rat für Migration: Jahrestagung 2021

Die Jahrestagung des Rats für Migration (RfM) findet vom 24.-26.11.2021 statt im Deutschen Hygiene-Museum Dresden statt.

Czech Republic: The Next Door Family project

30 Czech families and 30 migrant families will meet each other in the Czech Republic. Individual meetings will each take the form of a shared lunch between a Czech family and a migrant family, in the home of the host family (Czech or migrant).


Ireland: Changed access to postgraduate medical training for migrant doctors

The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD, announced changes to the policy regarding access to postgraduate medical training programmes for non-EU citizens looking to progress their careers.

Government approves plan to increase education and work-based immigration

With the decline of certain demographics, Finland is in need of increased labour and student immigration. A new plan - approved by the Finnish Government in early September - focuses on promoting the immigration of a highly skilled workforce, entrepreneurs, researchers and students.

Funding opportunities

COVID-19: plus de 12 000 travailleurs étrangers obtiennent la nationalité française

l’occasion d’une cérémonie de naturalisation organisée le jeudi 9 septembre 2021, Marlène Schiappa, ministre déléguée auprès du ministre de l’Intérieur, chargée de la Citoyenneté, a dressé le…

Spain: New regulation for unaccompanied foreign minors

The Spanish government's Council of Ministers approved a reform of the Foreigners' Regulation that will make it easier for foreign minors and young people under guardianship to obtain residence and work permits.

Integration practices recently added

Mentorship coding programme for refugee single mothers

From December 2020 to May 2021 the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Romania piloted a mentorship coding programme for refugee single mothers residing in Romania.

Latest documents

Impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellbeing of persons who migrated to Finland: The MigCOVID survey 2020–2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been shown by a new study to have caused a deterioration in the quality of life and health of migrants in Finland.

Romania: National Immigration Strategy and its Action Plan for 2021 – 2022 amended through Governmental Ordinance no. 884/19.08.2021

Romania's National Immigration Strategy and its Action Plan for 2021 – 2022 have been amended through the Governmental Ordinance no. 884/19.08.2021.

Final report: Research on integration for beneficiaries of international protection

In 2016, the  UNHCR Regional Representation for Central Europe in Budapest commissioned the Institute for Minority Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences to explore the integration of beneficiaries of international protection in Hungary.

Pandemischer Hass: Antisemitismus und Islamfeindlichkeit im Kontext von Covid und die Rolle der sozialen Medien

Die Studie des Instituts für Glaubensfreiheit und Sicherheit in Europa (IFFSE) konstatiert, dass sich in Europa antisemitische und islamophobe Inhalte im Netz seit Corona deutlich verstärkt haben und sich auch auf die Offline-Realität auswirken.