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Watch now: Supporting the successful labour market integration of migrant women

The second webinar of this year's edition of the Canada-EU Migration Platform on the Integration of Migrant Women focused on labour integration for migrant women.

Organised on 13 November 2020, this event brought together 80 participants from across the EU and Canada who discussed the labour market integration of migrant women. Participants represented governments, EU institutions, migrant women, civil society organisations, and academia.

In the first part of the event, the panel shared their views on some key questions proposed by the moderator Thomas Liebig, Senior Migration Expert in OECD. The participants reflected on recent studies from Canada and Europe exploring the labour market outcomes of migrant women, and shared experiences and practices that support them in achieving success. They also looked at what successful labour integration can mean for a diversity of individuals. The recording of the panel is available below.

In the second part of the event, the participants joined four breakout sessions to discuss a variety of topics. They shared experiences of successful ways of recognising, valuing and building the skills of migrant women, the role of coaching and mentoring to support labour market participation, and ways in which self-employment and entrepreneurship can create labour market opportunities for migrant women. The participants also discussed how to address systemic barriers to the labour market integration of migrant women. The discussions provided an opportunity to identify issues, explore policies and practical approaches to the integration of migrant women.