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Horizon 2020 call for proposals – Narratives on migration and its impact: past and present


This forthcoming Horizon 2020 funding call will provide support for projects that address the dynamics and developments of migration narratives at the local, national and EU level. The collective discussion on migration has an impact on the policies and responses that address this phenomenon. The challenge is to understand and explain the causes and consequences of migration narratives, examining their construction and assessing their effects on attitudes to migration and on society at large.


Projects should examine the long-term societal impact and ethical implications of narratives on policymaking. Successful projects will study historical perspectives and changes in attitudes of non-migrant populations towards migrants and vice versa. Projects should also analyse the extent to which migrants’ voices are included in the shaping of these narratives.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting EUR 3 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately, though selected proposals may request other amounts.

Expected impact

Practitioners will be informed by new knowledge on the consequences of discourses on migration, which may have an impact on their conduct and policy choices. Projects will improve access and dissemination of information on (the effects of) narratives of migration, including scale, patterns and the social and economic impact on host societies. This will contribute to a more informed debate on migration and public perceptions. In the longer term, projects may help change the migration debate in European societies, opening new opportunities for successful integration of migrants.

The opening date for this call is 5 November 2019 and the deadline will be 12 March 2020 at 17:00 Brussels time. More information about this call, including eligibility and other conditions, can be found on the European Commission’s funding and tender opportunities website.