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UK Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government funds 16 new innovation projects

The Communities Minister Lord Bourne has confirmed that 16 new projects will receive a total of £3 million in funding to support approaches to integration in England. The Integrated Communities Innovation Fund aims to drive forward projects to tackle the causes of poor integration. The fund is delivered in partnership with Sport England and aims to engage 70,000 people with activities in schools, community and leisure centres, and in partnership with businesses, local authorities and housing associations.

Examples of funded projects

Ashley Community Housing

Employment programme to stimulate people’s autonomy, aspiration, engagement and access to social capital through personal integration plans. Focusing on vulnerable, homeless, newly arrived refugees and migrants in Bristol, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Brighton Table Tennis Club

Table tennis clubs across three housing estates in Brighton. Each club is delivered by a team of 3 qualified coaches: one experienced coach, one community coach who comes from the estate, and one qualified coach who is an unaccompanied asylum seeker.

Learn English at Home

Merges social mixing opportunities with language interventions through a structured programme combining community gardening and language support. Activities will take place across south-west London, working with ethnic-minority adults and local resident volunteers.

Youth Sport Trust

Project aiming to address school segregation and lack of social mixing in Birmingham, bringing together 22 highly segregated schools with different levels of disadvantage and diversity to integrate through sporting activity. Activities include inspirational assemblies, sport events and volunteer training, culminating in a large-scale sporting festival.

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