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19 October 2015

Sweden: Government introduces measures to improve education for newly arrived pupils


To strengthen the quality of education for newly arrived pupils, the Swedish Government has given the Swedish National Agency for Education the task to develop additional support measures that will be applicable up until 2019.

The focus is on improving the quality of education for newcomers through various forms of support materials and teachers training. In addition, there will be interventions targeted at schools which are deemed as most in need of support and have a high proportion of newly arrived pupils.

For a more uniform reception of new entrant pupils, a new legislation will be introduced from 1 January 1 2016. Part of the changes is the identification of each newcomer knowledge level, which will determine the grade and educational group the student should be placed in, the plan of his/her future education in different subjects and the time to be spend for each subjects.

The government also wants the state to take more overall responsibility for the improvement of schools results and low academic performances. One way to do this is to finance higher wages for teachers in schools with difficult conditions. Today, most responsibilities for schooling rests at municipal level.

Read more about the new measures here and here (in Swedish)


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