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11 May 2020

Surveys map out Czech public’s views on foreign nationals


In March 2020, the Public Opinion Research Centre carried out several polls investigating attitudes among Czechs towards foreigners and ethnic groups living in the Czech Republic. The questions investigated general attitudes towards foreigners, their integration, settling in the country as well as the public’s view of various ethnic groups and tolerance.

Regarding general attitudes toward foreigners, the number of Czechs who consider foreigners to be a problem is decreasing compared to 2018 responses, both on national (53% of respondents) and local levels (24%). Respondents were also asked about the impact of foreigners on Czech culture, unemployment, health risks and economy as well as whether foreigners are the solution to the ageing population in the country.

Concerning integration and foreigners who live in the country for the long term or permanently, a majority (73%) stated that foreigners should conform to Czech cultural habits as much as possible, while 24% said that foreigners should adapt to Czech cultural habits in some aspects, and 2% said that foreigners should be allowed to live according to their habits. 24% respondents stated they would not like to have a foreigner as a neighbour. The survey shows that Czechs have the least tolerant views toward Muslims.

The polls also examined opinions on whether there are too many, the right amount or too few foreigners living in the country; whether foreigners should have the right of long-term residence and whether the state should allow them to settle permanently. Respondents were also asked about the reasons that underlie their attitudes towards immigrants and regarding adaptation to Czech customs.

Additionally, the polls surveyed attitudes of the Czech public toward fourteen ethnic groups that live in the Czech Republic in significant numbers. The most positive attitudes were toward Czechs, Slovaks and Poles, while the worst were toward Roma and Arab people.

See the poll results:


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