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15 December 2021

SPRING project: call for submissions of best integration practices and projects

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The EU-funded Sustainable Practices of Integration (SPRING) project is now accepting submissions for best integration practices and projects.

Benefits for participating organisations include: 

  • positioning themselves at the forefront of research surrounding best practice integration strategies; 

  • having input and influence into the development of policies relating to the integration of newly arrived migrants; 

  • an enhanced capacity for (self) evaluation and innovation through learning about SPRING’s evaluation grid of good practices; 

  • submissions may later be featured in the SPRING Toolbox and shared with other practitioners throughout the EU. 

How to participate in the SPRING project 

People and organisations active in the area of migrant integration are invited to sign up to SPRING, contribute their knowledge and submit a best practice or project here.  

The need for SPRING 

Since the large-scale arrival of refugees and other migrants in 2014 a number of integration practices and programmes have been created, yet there has been very little guidance about what makes a practice effective and sustainable. SPRING aims to bridge this gap by developing a toolbox that can be used to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the work carried out by Europe’s integration stakeholders at national, regional and local levels. 


The SPRING project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and aims at making integration policies at national, regional and local levels more effective, evidence-based, innovative, transferable and sustainable. The SPRING partnership brings together some of Europe’s most well-connected integration researchers, think-tanks and networks with the support of global stakeholders. 

Further information about the SPRING project can be found here.


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