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Spain: Immigration is one of the biggest spanish public concerns (Unofficial translation)

Immigration has risen to the eighth place in the list of concerns of the Spanish public, according to the latest barometer of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) released Wednesday. The percentage of Spaniards who are worried about immigration (7.7%) is currently higher than during the Tarajal tragedy (5.1%). The refugee crisis arising from the war in Syria in recent months, the influx of migrants to European borders and the photo of the Syrian child Aylan on a beach in Turkey coincided with the completion of the survey.

In the past years, the concerns about immigration reached a record in 2006, after the “canoes crisis” (Crisis de los cayucos in Spanish) with a 59.2% response rate. At that time it was seen by citizens as the main problem in Spain. However, from January 2001 to September 2011, the percentage of people worried about immigration remained around 10% on average and had not been higher than 7% since March 2012.

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