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Slovakia: Churches supporting refugee integration (Unofficial translation)

The Catholic Church in Slovakia has been playing increasingly important role in refugee integration in the Slovakia. Currently, Slovak Catholic Charity is the only NGO promoting the integration of holders of asylum and subsidiary protection across by implementing national integration programmes across the entire country.

At the same time, the Catholic Church is prepared to play more important role and help government around EU relocation/resettlement plans by integrating 100 relocated and 100 resettled Syrian Christian asylum seekers. Read more.

The Catholic and Evangelist Churches already started discussions with the government and openly declared that they are prepared to support refugees in their integration by providing support with housing and other help if necessary.
Catholic Youth from The Ladislav Hanus Fellowship launched national campaign “Who will help?". The main idea is to persuade government to resettle 100 families (regargless of religion beliefs) from Syria and Iraq and at the same time to find one thousand persons, families or communities who would personally help refugees from Syria and Iraq with integration by providing mentoring, material, financial help or housing. Until end of August 2015 nearly 1,300 persons or families expressed will to help. Read more about this initiative (SK). 

Also, the Slovak Roman Catholic Church started an educational campaign in August 2015 to raise awareness among its followers by distributing information leaflets on refugees. In the leaflets, the Church presents the life stories of three women. The leaflet also myth-busts common fears, such the cost of integration, the link between terrorism and immigrants, and diseases brought by asylum seekers. Read more.