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Romania: New amendment to allow Blue Card holders to practice medicine (Traduction non officielle)

A new emergency ordinance, modifying and supplementing Law no 95/2006 on healthcare reform, will introduce legislative changes with an important impact on the professional status of and mobility opportunities for third country medical graduates and professionals. The latter cannot practice medicine on the Romanian territory under the current legislative provision, unless they are members of a Romanian family or from a EEA state or the Swiss Confederation, or if they hold a long term residence permit in Romania or in one of the above states.

The emergency ordinance, once entered into force, will modify the current legislative framework by allowing third country nationals holding a Blue Card to become members of the Romanian College of Physicians and practice medicine on an employment basis (compulsory during the first 2 years) within national medical units and/or independently. Basic medical degrees issued by third countries' institutions will be recognised by the Ministry of Education, while medical specialist titles will be subjected to professional recognition by the Ministry of Health and the Romanian College of Physicians. The latter will elaborate the legislative framework for the recognition of medical diplomas, certificates and titles issued by third countries' institutions.

According to the substantiation note of the emergency ordinance, the new document will transpose the provisions of the Directive 2013/55/EU amending the Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications, that aims to extend the issuance of the European card to several other professions. The legislative changes will also address a recurrent problem that the Romanian healthcare system copes with, namely the lack of highly qualified medical staff, resulting from the constant emigration of medical professionals to other EU Member States. 

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