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Project Mobile CNAIM brings administrative services closer to migrants in Portugal

The Portuguese High Commission for Migration (ACM) has launched Project Mobile CNAIM to bring administrative services closer to migrants in locations without an office of CNAIM (National Support Centre for Migrant Integration). CNAIM operates three main offices—in Lisbon, Porto and Faro—and a network of Local Support Centres where migrants in Portugal can seek assistance. However, the large size of some municipalities, challenges in public transportation and long working hours can make access to these facilities difficult for many people.

Through Project Mobile CNAIM, a specialised team assists migrants in cooperation with local partners. The team addresses issues like the regularisation of stay in Portugal, family reunification, access to Portuguese citizenship, health and education, among others. It is also possible to schedule an appointment at one of the CNAIM offices through the mobile project. The team operates in 15 different languages, with the possibility of communicating in 56 additional languages through CNAIM’s telephone translation service.

The project is complementary to ACM’s work in partnership with municipalities and local authorities to identify gaps of information within migrant communities and to respond to these needs where the communities are located. Mobile CNAIM is part of the Simplex initiative for administrative and legislative simplification. Launched in 2006, Simplex aims to make administrative procedures easier for citizens and businesses.

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