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Portugal: New training to spread human rights good practices among immigrants

The Portuguese High Commissioner for Migration - ACM - is sponsoring a non-formal training action on human rights, children's rights and violence against the honour. The action aims to disseminate good practices among the immigrant community, through immigrant associations and other civil society organisations interested in the issue, and under the responsibility of the DAPHNE program - FATIMA project - "Prevention of Violence Against the Honour for education & dialogue through support to immigrants NGOs". The project  FATIMA is coordinated by Folkuniversitetet Uppsala (Sweden) with the participation of partner organisations in four EU countries: Greece, Sweden, Portugal and United Kingdom.

The training will be provided by the Institute for Innovation and Social Development Kerigma that cooperates with regional and national networks of NGOs and experts focusing on combating gender-based violence, and support of immigrant women in their integration to the labour market and society. Kerigma is specialised in the development of methods for socio-cultural activities preventing violence, through the development of socialisation skills. It has developed a system for quality criteria and monitoring/evaluating EU projects, and is often engaged in monitoring process of several EU projects.