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Portugal: Integration support network continues to grow (Unofficial translation)

A cooperation protocol was recently signed in Portugal between the municipality of Beja and the High Commission for Migration, with a view to expanding one of the country's three national integration support centres (CNAIMs). The protocol outlines the installation of an extension to the National Support Centre of Faro (Algarve region), to promote the integration of migrants in Beja (Alentejo region).

The new centre will provide information to migrants on how to better access "dignified" working and housing conditions in the region, according to Secretary of State for Integration and Migration, Cláudia Pereira. The centre will have a team of six technical staff members, supporting migrants, Roma people and refugee populations throughout the Alentejo region. The overall strategy is to bring services closer to those that need them.

As far as the challenges of migrants' precarious working and housing conditions are concerned, Pereira said that any strategy for the improvement of such conditions must be developed in partnership. In her words, "it's a work that only results when it's in collaboration with the municipal authorities, landlords and landowners, employers and businessmen and, in this case, the High Commission for Migration". Correspondingly the mayor of Beja, Paulo Arsénio, said that the new facility it is an "integrated service" for "solving the problems of the immigrant community in the territory, not punctually and sporadically, but permanently".

The network of smaller local offices in Portugal also continues to expand, and now comprises 127 offices across the country. Find out more about this latest centre in Beja here.