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Portugal: If it Was Me? A campaign mobilising 600 schools to refugee issues (Unofficial translation)

To raise awareness among children and youngsters on the difficulties refugees face when fleeing the war in search of humanitarian protection is the main objective of the campaign If It Was Me? Prepare Your Backpack and Leave, presented on 6 April in approximately 600 elementary and secondary schools across the country.

The students were challenged to put themselves in refugees' shoes by filling their backpacks with objects they would take if they had to flee the country because of war. They also had to explain the reasons why they have chosen these specific items. In addition, schools played a video showing how little refugees actually bring with them. Pupils were furthermore encouraged to reflect on the situations experienced by the refugees, to lose the fear and welcome them with a smile, and to raise awareness about the reception of refugees among family and friends.

This initiative was organised by the Platform for Refugee Support (Plataforma de Apoio aos Refugiados), in collaboration with the High Commission for Migration (Alto Comissariado para as Migrações), the General Directorate of Education and the National Youth Council (Conselho Nacional de Juventude).

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