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20 January 2021

Portugal: Essential COVID-19 and domestic violence information translated into more languages

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In order to reach out to and support more migrant communities living in Portugal, the country's High Commission for Migration published a COVID-19 information leaflet in a wider selection of languages.

The leaflet, entitled 'COVID-19: Prevention is essential', aims to raise awareness on the prevention of the spread of the virus in Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian and Urdu, in addition to the languages in which it was published last November. Further information on this can be found here.

The Commission for Gender Equality also increased its reach through language. It has published an alert poster on domestic violence - about a helpline that victims can use during the confinement period - in several additional languages. Besides Portuguese, the poster is available in Arabic, Bengali, French, Hindi, English, Mandarin, Nepalese and Russian (find it here).


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