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Poland: Two NGOs implementing the Integration Housing Programme for refugees (Unofficial translation)

One of the main barriers to the integration of refugees in Poland is the lack of affordable housing. This is the reason why most of refugee families - after a one-year integration programme - decide to leave Poland and to travel to other EU countries. However, they are frequently deported back to Poland which reinforces their marginalisation. Therefore, two NGOs, the Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Foundation, have decided to start the implementation of the Integration Housing Programme, which aims are:

  • to obtain accommodation from municipalities and individuals;
  • to equip and renovate the premises with the participation of families covered by the programme,
  • to rent flats to refugees and other people at risk of marginalisation at prices which they can afford to pay,
  • community work and support for families taking part in the programme.

In the short term, they primarily want to focus on preparing homes for some refugees who will come to Poland in 2016.