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03 March 2022

Poland: Survey finds majority of Poles would welcome refugees from Ukraine

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According to a recent survey by the Market and Social Research Institute (IBRiS) in Poland, commissioned by influential daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, over 90% of Poles believe that Ukrainians fleeing the ongoing war should be accepted into Poland.

Approximately 58% of respondents to the survey agree that all refugees from Ukraine should be welcomed into Poland, while 35% believe that only those most at risk and 'in need' should be accepted. 3% of respondents are in favour of the creation of refugee camps in Ukraine, and just 1% are opposed to both accepting refugees into Poland and offering them any kind of support. These data demonstrate that Poles, regardless of their political beliefs, strongly support helping war refugees fleeing Russian aggression.

The survey also finds that most Poles are aware of the possibility that there will be large scale refugee migration from Ukraine to Poland. One in three expect millions of people to arrive, and another one in three expect hundreds of thousands. According to the Polish border services, between 24 February and 3 March over 600 000 refugees from Ukraine - mostly women and children - entered Poland.

The survey was conducted on 25 February among 1 100 Polish adults.


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