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Poland: NGOs launch Polish hospitality map (Unofficial translation)

In response to an appeal from 61 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to help foreigners seeking asylum in Poland and the European Union, a consortium of organisations acting on behalf of migrants and refugees has launched a mapping initiative. The project aims to prepare local communities for the arrival of refugees by building professional support groups and groups of volunteers ready to help welcome new arrivals, and to then mark these groups on the map.

Any community group, town, local authority, institution, company or organisation can apply to be included on the map of places and spaces open to refugees in Poland: all potential participant groups need to do is fill in a declaration of support on the initiative’s website. Within this declaration, they are required to provide their details and answer questions on how many foreigners they can take in, and to say whether they can fund housing or Polish language learning, whether they can provide assistance with handling formalities or whether they can provide accompanying persons to join refugees at appointments and so on if needed. Individuals, rather than groups, can also declare their willingness to help refugees: these people should indicate the kind of support they want to offer when they sign up.

The consortium that launched the initiative brings together 10 NGOs with many years of experience in working with and helping foreigners in need: the Polish Hospitality Foundation, Amnesty International, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Migrant Info Point (Poznań), the Polish Migration Forum, the Nomada Association (Wrocław), the Our Choice Foundation, the Association for Legal Intervention, the Homo Faber Association and Salam Lab.

Further information on the initiative can be found here.