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17 August 2015

Poland: Mixed marriages increasingly common for Poles


Mixed marriages are increasingly commonplace for Poles, although data indicates that Polish women are more likely than Polish men to marry foreigners. 

According to figures from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) relating to couples married in Poland itself, over 4,000 Poles married foreigners in 2014. Almost 3,000 of these couples involved a Polish bride and a foreign groom. 603 of the husbands were British, while there were 342 German grooms and 211 Italian ones. Although most of the marriages between Polish women and foreigners were with EU citizens, there were also unions with citizens of more distant countries, including Mauritius, Togo, Uganda and Gambia.

Over 1,000 Polish men married foreigners on Polish soil in 2014 (almost three times less than Polish women). Of these, Polish men most frequently married Ukrainians (505), Russians (140) and Belarusians



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