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Poland: Government concerned about precarious work contracts for foreigners

Secretary of State Stanisław Szwed has issued a letter to employers’ organisations, trade unions and local labour offices in which he expresses concern about a worryingly large number of 'employment contracts to perform a specific task or work' (umowa o dzieło) signed by foreign workers. The so-called ‘contract for result’ is not subject to social security nor health insurance. It therefore puts third country nationals in a precarious situation. 

The Secretary of State asked social partners to carry out information campaigns among employers; explaining them the essence of this type of contract and how it differs form the 'contract of mandate' (umowa zlecenie) which should rule the employment of most hired foreign workers. He also wants employers to be aware of the consequences of concluding such inappropriate agreements; especially of the duty to pay all outstanding social contributions topped with interests for late payment. 

According to the official data, 32 per cent (around 415,000) of all declarations of intent to hire a foreigner registered in 2016 (in total, around 1.3 million) were related to contracts to perform a specified task or work. This can, however, be considered as an improvement compared to 2013 when more than half of contracts signed with foreigners were contracts to perform a specified task or work.

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