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Poland: Gdańsk to be the first Polish city with own comprehensive model of immigrant integration? (Unofficial translation)

The City Hall of Gdańsk, in cooperation with a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary committee established in May 2015, has prepared a draft Model of Integration of Immigrants living in Gdańsk. The overall aim of this ambitious and comprehensive action plan is to strengthen coordination and cooperation between diverse stakeholders, as well as to improve the quality of services targeted at immigrants already living in Gdańsk.

The model covers 8 thematic areas (education, employment, culture, local communities, violence and discrimination, social assistance, health and housing) and its implementation is to be coordinated by the cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary committee made of a Steering Committee, a Management Group, an Integration and Migration Forum and an Immigrants Council (advisory body comprised of representatives of diverse immigrant communities). The task of the committee is to list the available resources and opportunities that could be dedicated to the support of immigrants, to identify their major needs and problems, and to elaborate concrete integration measures targeted at foreign residents of the city.

Currently the proposal is undergoing social consultations. Participation is possible through this questionnaire. It is to be ready by the end of June 2016.

Download the model

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