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Poland: First special classes for foreign children starting to emerge

Following a regulation of the Ministry of National Education authorising public schools to open special classes for foreign children with no or poor knowledge of the Polish language, which entered into force in September 2016, 2 schools in Warsaw and Krakow are putting such infrastructure in place for the school year 2017-2018. The goal is to help the number of foreign children living in the country to better integrate into the Polish school system. 

The management of the 18th Comprehensive School Complex in Krakow is to organise multicultural classes on all education levels for children of both foreign nationals and Poles returning from abroad. These classes focus on learning the Polish language under the supervision of qualified teachers of Polish as a foreign language, with the aim to prepare children to undertake general education.

For those children who fluently speak Polish but have problems adapting into the Polish school environment, there are general education classes for children with migration history. All will receive adaptation help from psychologists, pedagogues and cultural assistants. The classes are complemented with a range of extracurricular activities.

Such special classes for foreign children are also to be available in the Primary School no. 221 in Warsaw (Ogrodowa street).

The regulation

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