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Poland: Crowdfunding for a cashless shop for refugees to open in Warsaw

The financial situation of asylum seekers in Poland is difficult, to say the least. During the six months following their asylum application, refugees are not allowed to take up employment and later on, they struggle to find work. When they do, refugees usually work below their qualifications and with unstable contracts. Benefits they obtain from the state are only sufficient to meet the most basic needs. In response to this problem, the Salvation Foundation and the Open House Initiative are to open a "store" in Warsaw where asylum seekers and refugees can "shop" for free.

Each refugee family registered at the "shop" is to receive points which can be exchanged for goods. The goods "sold" in the "shop" would be come from donations but the project is aimed to provide beneficiaries with a normal "shopping" experience, without the shame that can sometimes be linked to charity. The "store" is to open over the summer, as the Foundation is currently crowdfunding for the renovation of its cellar. Finance the project

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