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Poland: Banks are not prepared to provide services to foreigners

The vast majority of banks in Poland are not suited to serving foreign clients, according to the analysis of, a leading Polish financial-business portal. Only 4 out of 21 analysed banks publish comprehensive information about their products in languages other than Polish, mainly English (in individual cases, also in Spanish, French and Ukrainian). 12 banks publish some information in English (e.g. about bank’s authorities) but not about their products which is far too little for their potential clients who do not speak Polish. 6 banks do not have any information in English on their web portals.

11 out of 21 banks provide online banking systems in English, the rest of them only in Polish. When it comes to hotlines for the clients, only 8 banks offer automatic redirection to a consultant speaking other language than Polish, mainly English (Ukrainian in the case of two banks, Spanish in the case of one bank, and French in the case of one bank).

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