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01 April 2022

New info-support hub for regions and cities furthers EU solidarity with Ukraine


Following the adoption of a 10-point plan for stronger European coordination on welcoming those fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union is putting in place practical, logistical and advocacy support. To this end, and in order to strengthen the humanitarian assistance being provided to the millions of people that have been displaced, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) launched the Info-Support Hub for Regions and Cities.

The initiative is led by the CoR Working Group on Ukraine, and supports the EU's local and regional authorities in their provision of concrete support, information on rights and funds, and advocacy to those arriving from Ukraine.

One of the ways in which the info-support hub is facilitating assistance is through the matching of needs and offers of support. EU local and regional authorities that are in need of assistance in welcoming refugees, or in need of information about EU support for regions and cities, can contact the hub via email. Those wishing to provide aid to EU cities and regions welcoming refugees can complete an online form indicating the type of help they can offer. This could include:

  • emergency packages (e.g., food, clothing, mobile phones);
  • transportation / logistics;
  • registration and accommodation;
  • psychological and health support;
  • translators/interpreters;
  • employment and education;
  • family contact and re-unification;
  • EU wide support and cooperation​​.

Further information on the info-support hub matching tool can be found here.

The hub also shares information on other EU initiatives supporting those arriving from Ukraine (such as the CoR's Ukraine solidarity website), on the latest related news and political developments, and on past and future solidarity events across Europe.

The EU's cities and regions have strongly condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and expressed their unwavering solidarity for the people of Ukraine, their sovereignty and their freedom.


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