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Netherlands: National, regional and local governments planning integration of refugees

The national, regional and the local authorities have made arrangements to deal with the reception, accommodation, schooling and integration of the recently arrived refugees. In the short term, the goal is to allow permit holders (asylum seekers with a residence permit) to move from emergency refugee centres (AZCs) to more long-term housing infrastructures.

If required by local authorities, new building projects will be allowed and subsidised for a total of 14,000 permit holders. Subsidies are also available for landlords in order to make premises suitable for habitation and government buildings will be allowed to be put at the disposal of permit holders during a period of 10 years. Some housing infrastructures will be non-independent living facilities, to be shared with at least 4 other individuals.

Aside from reception and accommodation, additional investments will be done by all government bodies to provide social support to status holders by offering help in their integration process and participation in (health) care. Therefore, additional funds are made available to municipalities, which now will receive 2,370 euros per person instead of 1,000 euros previously.

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