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Ireland: Recruiting foster carers for child asylum seekers

The Child and Family Agency in Ireland - TUSLA - launched a new campaign to recruit foster carer parents for unaccompanied children who arrive in Ireland and apply for refugee status.

Since 2016, TUSLA has been working with the EU relocation programme for refugee children who enter Europe via Greece, Italy, Malta and France. At the end of July of 2021 the agency had 54 unaccompanied children seeking international protection in its care. 

TUSLA is now looking to create a panel of foster care parents from different cultural, religious, social and linguistic backgrounds. This is the first recruitment initiative for the care of asylum seeking children arriving to Ireland alone: unaccompanied children often arrive in Ireland through established relocation programmes, but many also present themselves spontaneously at the Irish border. 

Recently, questions have been raised in Ireland around whether or not the country's system for assessing the age of unaccompanied child asylum seekers is accurate. Further, many arrive in the country as teenagers (aged 14 - 17) and can struggle to access the care they require.

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