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International: Danube Compass website supports economic integration (Unofficial translation)

Danube Compass, a new website providing information for newcomers in eight Danube-region countries, launched in June 2018. The website provides information in multiple languages for each of the countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) on the topics of work, health, arrival and stay, education, everyday life and language learning.

The website is an effort of the Danube Region Information Platform for Economic Integration of Migrants (DRIM). DRIM's objective is to enhance the capacity of public institutions for promoting migrants’ economic integration, which is understood as fair access to employment, work and skills enhancement. DRIM aims to achieve its objectives through improved information sharing by public institutions in responding to the needs of migrants.

The DRIM project is implemented by a consortium of eighteen organisations from nine countries—the eight Danube Compass countries as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project began in January 2017 and is scheduled to last until June 2019.

Danube Compass