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20 January 2019

Informational meetings on Dutch and EU elections for newcomers


In 2019, the Netherlands will hold elections for provincial governments and for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). But many people in the Netherlands might not be comfortable with their level of knowledge about the roles of provincial governments and MEPs, or they might not understand the importance of these elections. This includes many newcomers to the country.

To help them get acquainted with the upcoming elections, the organisation ProDemos is offering a series of informational meetings for people who might not know enough or follow politics closely, but who would like to know more about politics and the upcoming elections. The meetings will be held in cooperation with other organisations serving people who are 'at a distance' from political participation.

During the meetings, participants will hear a brief explanation about the political system in the Netherlands. They will also learn more about the provincial elections through, for example, a quiz, an interactive presentation, a game, and/or a video. The programme also includes a conversation with a (local) politician.

The content will be adapted to the needs and knowledge of the participants. In addition to providing information, the organisers also want the participants know that their opinions are welcome and necessary in a democratic constitutional state.

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